The Freeport Theater of Awesome

Unbelievable Mentalism & Sword Swallowing!
- Roderick Russell -

May 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th at 7:30PM

If Sherlock Holmes had a stage show, this would be it! Fun, irreverent, captivating and amazing, Roderick Russell gets into your head, rummages around and puts it all on stage for an evening of exceptional entertainment.

Through the use of applied psychology, misdirection and a healthy dose of good old fashioned manipulation, Roderick Russell takes the traditional skills of the stage psychic to all new, never-before-seen heights.

Not only does Roderick Russell playfully meddle in your mind, he even turns the tables on himself to show you precisely what’s possible. As one of only 50 full-time professional sword swallowers in the world, he’ll demonstrate this deadly art with wit, charm and grace. A feat unlike any other that has even landed Roderick in the pages of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. If you want more information about Roderick's show - chek out his website!

Despite the obvious edgy appeal, this show is VERY family friendly. All ages are welcome to enjoy!

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